Leaving D.C.

As always, my adventures must change course. Georgia, the road leads back to you. And then the road quickly veers southeast and leads to Aiken, South Carolina for a summer job with the legal team at Savannah River Remediation. SRR is a Department of Energy contractor located on a nuclear reservation. The nuclear waste tanks there date back to the 1950’s, and SRR handles the Liquid Waste Operations contracts from the DOE to remediate the waste sites.

I have enjoyed every minute of my time in D.C. and my work at the Criminal Fraud Section of the Department of Justice. I worked with amazing, talented, and dedicated lawyers on interesting and high-stakes cases. It has been a dream job in a dream work environment. To top it all off, D.C. has been a wonderful place to live. My weekends here were filled with time spent with old and new friends. I wouldn’t change a minute, and I hope to return one day. I will be looking for jobs all around the country, including D.C., for after graduation, so I’m very happy I am comfortable with this city and know so many people here now.

Thank you to everyone who made my time here possible, educational, and memorable. I had wonderful mentors in the Fraud Section who taught me so much – not only about the work they do but also about being a lawyer. I had a great roommate and, through her, now have fantastic new friends. It was also great to spend time with my many old friends who now call D.C. home. I know I won’t be able to stay away from this town for very long.

I will see you later, D.C.

The Four Pound Monster

My friend Jason ate a 4 pound burrito at the El Toro Burrito Challenge at Pica Taco in Columbia Heights in 35 minutes on Saturday. I am beyond proud.

Happy...for now

Happy…for now

First week of work

I started my externship at the Dept. of Justice, Criminal Division, Fraud Section on Tuesday. I am assigned to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act unit, the attorneys that investigate and prosecute corrupt practices in international business, specifically allegations of American companies bribing foreign officials to obtain or retain permits for doing business in that country. I studied this over the summer in Shanghai, China with Professor Diane Amann (recently appointed Special Adviser to International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda), so I am very excited to put my knowledge to use.

I work with the investigation team on one big case they are currently investigating, and work on small research projects for the individual attorneys. I have a mentor, one of the lead attorneys on the investigation, Tarek Helou. I have a cubicle outside the office of one of the deputy chiefs, and I have been making friends among my coworkers and other interns. As far as I can tell, I am the only one there full-time, but there might be one other full-time intern working with another unit. I work 35-40 hours a week and attend my classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

This past week, I worked on research, attended meetings between the DOJ, SEC, and the counsel for the company being investigated, attended meetings with forensic accountants that will analyze all the documents the company is giving the DOJ, and informed myself about the case so I can assist with research, drafting, etc.

It seems like it will be a great experience, and I’m very happy and excited to be helping the FCPA team with their investigation and prosecution.

Ai Weiwei at the Hirshhorn Museum

KVW_8153Snake Ceiling 2009. A snake made of children’s backpacks to commemorate the children victims of the 2008 earthquake. Many people attribute the deaths to shoddy government school construction. After the earthquake, many backpacks were strewn in the rubble.


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Foreign Food and American Art

On Monday I ventured into food truck paradise, otherwise known as L’Enfant Plaza for a lunch of bubble tea and kimchi tacos.

Food trucks outside L'Enfant

Food trucks outside L’Enfant

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Capital living

I made it to D.C.! I am settled in the Navy Yard neighborhood with my roommate, and have been exploring. My work starts Jan. 22, so I have been taking in the sights and visiting museums.

I live in a high rise apartment on the 8th floor in the Navy Yard neighborhood. There is a CVS and Starbucks next door, and an ice skating rink about a block away.

Waterfront at Sunset

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Preparing for the end

Classes are done for the semester, and not much is standing between me and my move to D.C. except: two finals, two (small) papers, finishing two research projects at Ga. Legal Services, finishing my Note for the Georgia Law Review, completing a cite check project I will be assigned over break, finding a place to live, packing, and making the drive. So, actually, a good amount of work stands between me and next semester, but it will all be over in time. I am looking forward to a new start in a new city in a new internship in a new year.

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